Monthly Archives: April 2015


They hit Bate island every spring, when the Ottawa River is high and the waves are perfect. Kayakers, surfers, even stand-up paddlers. The water is still bone-chillingly cold, as they negotiate around ice, but the exhilaration on their face is clear.


  I’ve always loved shooting singers and bands. But I don’t shoot as much live music as I used to. When I was a teenager in the 1970s and 1980s, I’d go to concerts with my dad’s camera, the fastest telephoto lens I owned, and as much film as I could afford to process, hidden in my clothes. Those sneaking in a mickey or other prohibited substances had an easy job. Back then, going into a venue with five pounds of metal and glass concealed in your jeans was a risky proposition: I didn’t mind getting caught once in a […]

Taking pictures is easy. Building a website is hard. That’s why I’ve been invisible for the past little while. Thanks to Chuck, my long-suffering technical mentor, webmaster and nephew, some of my images are back up. Here’s hoping his efforts and tutorials pay off and I get to rebuild this online presence. Either way, thanks, Chuck, for your help and your patience.  If this remains my only blog entry for weeks, you have only me to blame.