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dan brien p h o t o g r a p h y

Pictures are powerful things: they can bring us joy and make us laugh; they can cause us grief and bring us to tears. Photographs can make cowards run into burning buildings, they can mobilize crowds - and topple governments. In a world immersed in electronic stimulation, what makes still photographs continue to captivate us? Why are we so moved by a single frame? I believe it lies in the moment we capture - the image we create. In a fraction of a second: a sliver of time too brief to notice but too big to miss. A wedding kiss, a jubilant hockey star in mid-air, a single person stopping a column of tanks, a farewell salute. Today, these events can all be recorded in full colour, sound and motion, played back instantly and shared around the world. But the still picture - the iconic frame - remains. It may be true that we define ourselves by the memories we create. But we create those memories with the moments we capture. Dan Brien, Ottawa, 2007



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